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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Santa vs. The Grunch - Christmas Battle 2018

Merry Christmas!

Warsurge has produced this seasonal batrep for you to enjoy. Find Warsurge at

Warsurge Battle

This is a 1200pts Warsurge Battle: Santa and Blood Angels vs The Grunch and the Death Guard. This Christmas we have a battle featuring Mr and Mrs Claus known as 'Grunch Hunters'. Warsurge produced The Grunch and Santa with 3D model design software and a 3D Printer. This will be discussed further in the future.

The Gaming Mat was by Deep-Cut Studios. Check them out at: or on the Warsurge Website.

Or view on Vimeo:


Evil stalks the mountains and makes it way to a town celebrating below... for 'The Grunch' has come to chop up the innocent and place them in his blood stained bag. Diseased and disfigured, the Grunch has attracted the attentions of a Death Guard warband. Following close by in his shadow, these diseased superhuman warriors also wish to reap from the lives of the most vulnerable.

In the village, Santa and his wife work for the joy of Christmas, bringing good tidings and cheer. However, they are also aware of many threats and the monsters that lurk in the wintry abyss... they are monster hunters. Also with them are Space Marines of the Blood Angels, who've come to take part in the festivities.

The Space Marines have spotted the Grunch, and warned Santa...

Battle soon takes place...


We have Nathan playing as 'Team Santa' and Richard as 'Team Grunch'.

Let the game begin!

The pictures can be viewed in full resolution by clicking on them.


There were three key locations to capture. Holding them during the game would produce points, with a large dump of points at the end of the game:

1) The Village Market: A location of food and other valuable supplies.

2) The Christmas Tree and Children: Innocent children and precious gifts were ready for the taking. Children as food for the Grunch, gifts as loot!

3) The Santamantium Mines: This place contains an enchanted metal used to create powerful weapons and armour... and also the toys that Santa makes for children.

Turn 1:

The first Turn was full of action and violence. In fact it largely determined the future of the game. Richard's luck was abysmal, while Nathan's luck kept solid. This had a major impact, where many of the Grunch's force was destroyed, while the Blood Angels only took a few casualties themselves.

The Blood Angels kept a neat front line, ready to tackle anything.

The Grunch's approach was more direct and aggressive. The Rhino Transport was carrying Plague Marines with deadly melee weapons. The plan was to run them into the Blood Angel front line and deploy with maximum effect. However, the movement wasn't quite enough, and furthermore the vehicle was destroyed. There were also Plague Marines occupying and moving through a graveyard for a defensive bonus.

A highlight was the two predators destroying each other, with also the Grunch falling in battle from a barrage of missiles from Mrs Claus and other weapons from the Blood Angels. Guess it was more like a 'missile-toe' for the Grunch!

The Grunch was still in the lead at Turn 1, holding two objectives against Santa who only held the Village Market. However, this lead was not to be for long after the onslaught Grunch and his allies received.

Richard's luck had cost him dearly in this battle!

Turns 2-4:

The only hope for the Grunch lay more so in the Helbrute holding the Christmas Tree, but Richard would not simply hold the tree and cower behind it... no, his martial honour would force him to clash with the Blood Angels. This choice lead to the Helbrute's demise, and sealed the fate of the Grunch. Richard's dice rolls were consistently off like on the first Turn. All that remained was a small garrison of Plague Marines stationed at the Santamantium Mines.

Santa, still undamaged personally went to the mines. He had avoided all harm and was confident he could conquer the entire battlefield.

All forces of the Grunch were scoured from the battlefield!

Santa was victorious.


Richard (left) and Nathan (right) both had fun, and it was a glorious game...

... and there will be more glorious games in the future.

Their comments were that the game was fast and a lot of casualties had been inflicted very quickly (mostly Richard's). Richard's luck had been a major factor also, but it added to Santa's saintly background, making him 'true to form' for being a legend.

The profiles for the units were all made using the Warsurge Phone App, which was played in closed-beta. It allowed the armies' profiles to be fully customized. The release of the app is being planned for 2019.

Keep an eye out for the App at:

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Merry Christmas and may you have a wonderful New Year!

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